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Hi! I'm Alena Kudriashova, an architect and an urban sketcher from Russia, currently based in Singapore. I bring my sketchbook wherever I travel, documenting places and things happening to me. In the modern world where we are overwhelmed by vast amount of information, where snapping a picture became so easy (and so meaningless), that I felt the necessity to create something that will help me remember things that happened to me.

A sketchbook provides exactly that, keeping record of places, events, people, and even weather and smells. All of it is woven into the lines of every sketch, making it the most secure place for keeping memories.


Yours truly,




Urban and Travel sketches

Wherever I go, my sketchbook goes with me.  I do own a camera and I do take photos, but since I've discovered that while I never remember places looking at a photograph, I however do remember everything, even the smells, when I flip pages of my sketchbooks. It became a travel diary of some kind, whether this is a trip to another country or simply a stroll to the nearest cafe.

Commissioned works


While I do have a day job that I love, I work on various projects in my spare time. If I have ever chosen to spend my free time working for someone rather than having coffee with friends, these projects are

here and they were awesome! All of them I had a lot of fun doing, and FUN is still the only thing worth pursuing!




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